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Sharing what we’ve learned

Maker Brothers Worldwide® implement communication to grow business. In the last six years working with industry creatives from Vogue, Nike, Adidas, and implementing practices from Fortune 500 consultants - we’ve crystallized our process of creating brand communication into four modules.

Looking across several industries in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, Seattle, Portland) we’ve seen knowledge gaps and implementation problems in business communication. Naturally, we thought business owners would find value in exploring our process of creating brand communication to grow business.

Seedling origins

Farming. Maker Brothers roots are from Punjab, India.
In some farming practices seeds are planted close together, where they‘ll sprout and grow into a seedling. The seedling is then planted to ensure full growth potential. In the same way, you have a service that the market needs (seedling). Now it’s time to hone your communication to create business growth (planting).

A resource for your brand

Whether your business is established or you’re starting from scratch, Seedling provides a process of creating brand communication in order to create business growth.

Whether you have clients, customers, or patients, Seedling applies to your brand; however, the term client is used for simplification. Whether you have a product or a service, you can embrace the Seedling approach; however, the term service is used for simplification. Some of the case studies in Seedling may directly relate to your business. Others, it may be indirect. Rest assured, Seedling applies to all business communication.

Here’s how it works

Seedling focuses on four modules that create a foundation for brand communication.

what you’ll learn

01 Market Position 02 Defined Audience 03 Brand Story 04 Communication Mediums
in each section you’ll find
  • Warm Up
    A brief introduction that identifies challenges and previous solutions
  • Deep Dive
    A focused exploration of real-life client scenarios
  • Downloadable Templates
    To help you apply Seedling to your business
How to navigate
  • Seedling is meant to be used sequentially; modules 01 Market Position and 02 Defined Audience provide the building blocks to create modules 03 Brand Story and 04 Communication Mediums.

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